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Labor Law and Social Security


The Labor team is principally dedicated to the advice in all the ambits of the labor relations. In the contracting aspect, our intervention consists in the study and elaboration of contracts with high direction, labor ordinary contracts, outsourcing and other types of contracts.

In coordination with the commercial area, our intervention consists in restructuration managerial trials, advising and representing to our customers in negotiations to Work Ministry, Departmental Work Offices, as well in managerial successions of workers like consequence of the join or acquisition of business.

Also, we have an extensive experience in the realization of labor audits or “due diligence” for trials about dealing of companies. In the same way, we advices in the elaboration of reports in answer to enquires of our customers in aspects like “stock options” for workers, retribution systems, work permissions, work risks prevention, etc.

The specialist team in Social Security, is principally dedicate in the advisement in the different aspects related with the benefits of short and large period, benefits that the Social Security are established. In the aspect of retire pensions, we studies and make actuarial projections and calculations of retires into the establishments of the current legislation (Pension´s Law), with a comparative analyze with the benefits of the previous sharing out regime, offering advices that permit our customers to retire in the best possible conditions.

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