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Administrative and Regulator Sectors


The administrative and Regulator Sectors gives law advice in all the sectors of Public Law. Their members has an extensive knowledge and experience in the application of the Administration Law, general and special, likewise in the advice for public organizations and private companies in their relations with the Administration.

We have expert professionals in the Bank and Secures that, in coordination with the Trade and Financial Team, they’re capable to realize an integral law advice to banks, financial organizations and Insurer organizations, as much in the ordinary activity as in the regulator aspect.

In relation with other regulated sectors and like direct consequence of the experimentation capitalization in this aspect, we concentrate great part of our job in the Energy Law, Telecommunications, Hidrocarburos, Mines and others, and our knowledge’s in expansion trials of companies in the market and adaptation of the same to the new regulator regimen of the electric sector, of gas and hidrocarburos, and others.

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