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Competences and Market


We have a proved knowledge in every aspect in relation with the Competence Law, aspect in we offer a practice advice in the restrictive deals and the abuses of the dominant position. We have a big intervention in the administrative procedurals to Bolivians and community authorities (CAN), in the same way, to the regulator sector organs. Likewise, together with the Contentious and Arbitration Team, we defend the interests of our customers in law procedurals in Bolivia and the exterior.

The Market area makes a raid into Customs Duty and the importations and exportations.

We collaborate with the trade and Financial Team in the analysis and notification of concentration operations and the writing of joint venture deals, agency contracts, franchise and distribution in general. We are too familiarities with every aspect that are connected with: the commercialization and the put in the market of products and services (labels, general contract conditions and publicity).

We have the knowledge in the next areas: Disloyal Competence and the writing of contracts of technology transfer, licenses and Know-how, Factoring, etc.

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