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Civil Law and Family Law


Inside this fundamental area of Law, the specialist team has divided the legal advice in the next groups:

Real and Property Law, that consists in the defense and specially advice of natural and juridical persons, respect the rights, obligations and actions to protect the Real Laws, in the own properties or with other people houses.

Contractual Relations and Obligations, that consists in the prevention advice and defense, in conflicts produced by contractual relations, also like revision and production of type contracts with the respective fundamental – technique and law explanation, in the same way, advice and assistance respect the effects of all kind of obligations (of give, of make or not make).

Familiar trials and Succession, that consists in the prevention and advice of familiar conflicts and material, familiar relations, personal protection and the patrimony of the under age and the unable persons; planning and advice in Succession Trials, Legacy Divisions, Legacy Declarations, Testamentary Executions, etc.

Civil Responsibility (damages and harms), that consists in the advice and defense in responsibility trials – resultant damage and suspension of profits – produced of a contractual; or civil responsibility – extra contractual or Achilles; professional negligence and advice respect the risk managements in responsibility aspect.

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