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Commercial and Financial


The Commercial and Financial Law Team, gives a legal – integral advice, in the legal framework of the Private Bolivian Law to national and outdoor corporations, as public capital like private.

We have the capacity to participate in complex operations with transnational nature. This permit us work together our customers in the entire ambit of their activities and in all states of their existence: since their constitution, financial and international expansion, to their eventual integration in complex society structures, or finished line the case, their sale or financial restructuration.

We have with an extensive knowledge in the writing of all of kinds of contracts and the preparation of commercial and financial documents.

Preparation in fusions and acquisitions, likewise projects of risk capital investments. As well we have experience in values market, as much punctual or continue advice to service investment corporations, as the realization of different operations.
Finally, we advise to bank companies in the marc of the operations in the regulatory ambit.

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